The historic city of Dublin, in the World Heritage List or not

“When I die Dublin will be written in my heart” – James Joyce

In Dublin there is a lot more to see than just Irish pubs and a beer of Guinness. Vikings built up this city in this green island of Ireland at 800 century. Around year 1171 Vikings had to leave the city because of the Normans and King Henrik II.  And this is just a start of Dublin’s long history. Dublin is the capital of Ireland and the largest city in there. ¼ of the population of whole country lives in Dublin.  Ireland used to be poorest place in Europe but 2014 they started to recover from huge economic downturn.

20151021_130925In Dublin, October 2015

Dublin is on the World Heritage Tentative list. But I’m not so sure should it be in the World Heritage list. Okay, I know they have a long history in there and Ireland generally is the place where I would move permanent if I have to move somewhere outside of Finland. But it is that special to everybody that it should be in the list. The other point against for the list is that in the city there is so many modern things which wasn’t there when city was built for example a tram. Public busses are also changed from their original outfit.

People are also living their normal everyday life as anybody else in the world. If Dublin would be in the World Heritage List, it feels to me that normal people cannot live their basic and normal life anymore as they used to live. It feels like everybody should beware of that they don’t break or change anything. At least I would feel like that if my home town would be in the List.

This feeling might come from tight criteria which UNESCO has with The Worlds Heritage List. Of course it might be just my feeling but feels like everything should always be as they were before if some place is in that list or otherwise the place is out from the list. But in reality UNESCOs list is for protect places and things from history. Being in the List, it’s kind of promise from its country that they will take care of the Heritage place and UNESCO will help. If something is broken, it will be fixed to be looked like before.

20151021_153703                                                                      By the river of Dublin, October 2015

But is there something why Dublin should be in UNESCO the World Heritage List? There are quite many things. History is so interesting and you can see it from everywhere you look in Ireland. Feels like time has stopped some way. All the buildings look like really old, just like in old photos from early 20s century.

Atmosphere in Dublin is also really unique which you cannot find anywhere else. I knew that already before, but after being in Dublin I’m even surer of specificity of atmosphere. All those buildings, environment and habits makes everything in there. These are just couple of reasons why Dublin should be in the World Heritage List. Of course world change etc. but this unique culture is one thing which should protect.

If they want to build something new in Dublin I think they should not build any modern houses because atmosphere would change dramatically. Being in Dublin wouldn’t be same if there is some modern buildings and big apartment houses. Culture couldn’t be same.

But what I think about Dublin and The world heritage list? In the end, I’m not that sure. Some part of me hopes that Dublin will be in the list that Dublin gets UNESCOs support to repair old things when it is necessary. Other part of me says no way, I don’t want that Dublin is in the List. Maybe because it feels a bit difficult to think what you can do or not that the place will stay in the list.

20151019_104549 My first sight of Dublin by Finnair at 19th October 2015

Luckily I’m not the person who decides who’s in The World Heritage List and whose not. I respect all those who knows better how to decide about these things.

Maiju Keiriö



2 thoughts on “The historic city of Dublin, in the World Heritage List or not

  1. We agree on your opinion about whether Dublin has earned its being on the list or not. Does it deserve being on the list? Well of course it does, but there are also many other sites in Ireland that should be considered to be conserved and/or to be refurbished. It’s all about which site is the most valuable in terms of culture and heritage.
    -Miika & Emilia


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